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With a spirit of inclusiveness, inspite of all periodical crisis, India always maintained its way towards subtleness. In its continuous civillization since 2500 BC, it never invaded any other country. Nevertheless, the cultures in India are an eventual amalgamation of the foreign interaction.

Rajasthan, the land of fabulously bright colorful lifestyle has everything unique in respect of colors of the sandstone stucco architectured buildings to the languages spoken here. The presence of five principle Rajasthani dialects justifies a local saying that at a distance of every 4 kms, one hears a new language. The dialects are Marwari, Dhudhari, Mewari, Hadauti, and Mewati. Its quite brilliant to know of the local people that even after a drastic presence of both English and Hindi both, during the colonial rule of the Englishmen, they maintained their rich literary. They could stay put with both the written as well as oral traditions, of their native language.

If the Rajput men valiantly sport those vibrantly colored turbans---called safas, women too keep up to the style by wearing ornate jewelry and dazzling looking long skirts---called lehangas and veils that actually make them stand apart from the plainness of the desert.

Initially created to finish the household needs of the nomadic tribes of the central Asian region, handcrafted rugs and carpets are now a fixation for the underfoot pleasure seeker. As the art of rug making spread to the rest of the world through various channels, it also darted its way to Jaipur in India. It is one of the important centers of hand woven carpets in the world. Credits to be given to the erstwile Jaipur Maharajas that promoted carpet weaving, catalyzed by the Mughals during their reign.

Jaipur, since then has evolved as a city of a developing nation so as the art of rug making. Good collectibles of the same grandeur can be bought at the traditional Jaipur market of Amer Road.

Striven towards creating and providing the prettiness and pleasure with style and comfort is what in minds at Jaipur Rugs. An expert at marvelous hand-knotted rugs and carpets, Jaipur Rugs Company Pvt Ltd or Jaipur Rugs is a global leader in catering to floor covering needs such as hand woven rugs. Be it the coarseness of wool or the smoothness of silk, such essential fibers are all made to play a major role in creating a very amusing yet meticulous play of knots, only to create that perfect Durrie, Sumak, Flat Weave, and Shag popularly. Inspired from the ethnic weaving artforms of the world, hand-woven or hand knotted Tibetan rugs are just there to simply awe-struck that carpet lover.

Jaipur Rugs offers such valuable collectibles in the form of exquisite rugs and carpet, which can be custom made on your wish. Be it those fascinating Mughal antique-looking motifs like gul or the illustrations of elegance such as the contemporary designs, transitional ones filling the gap between the past and the present rug fashion. Novel designed rugs enthused from the popular Turkish Ankar art form come to please the senses. Steeped in tradition, such rustic splashes of low toned shades with a silky sheen to allure bring forth the rich talent and skill of the true Turkish artisans.

A wonderful rendezvous of the both transitional as well as traditional designs, specifically created collections of the Jaipur Rugs’ Hand Tufted choices are styled in a classic manner to bestow an artistic and economical value to the artful conception of the rug. The other rug specimen to woo such as the Soumak belongs to the Caucasian region. Defining sophistication with the blooming colors embedded in the traditional designs on a flat woven creates luxury for the owner.

The cool comfort of the solid yet neutrally bright colors reflected by the Shag collection by Jaipur Rugs’ brings about the expertise and the skills put into it. Every piece of it comes with the highlighted quality of a durable felted wool rug with a visually interesting deep pile.

A wide range of products offered by the company includes eccentrically credible hand knotted round rugs, silk flower rugs, silk wool rugs, throw rugs, and décor rugs.



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