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Spider Woman taught the Navajo women how to weave on a loom that Spider Man told them how to make. The cross poles were made of sky and earth cords, the warp sticks of sun rays, the heddles of rock crystals and sheet lightning. The batten was a sun halo; white shell made the comb. - Navajo legend
Weaving is one of the greatly seen ancient artforms of the world. It appeared at the dawn of history, virtually inseparable from true culture. One of the renowned authors named MDC Crawford wrote, “From the rough fish weirs to the most elaborate baskets, from the coarser fabric of flax to the gossamer webs of cotton and silk, it has susained and beautifed (man’s) life from the night of history to the latest passing hour; it is the veritable nurse of civilization.”

Even the word “heirloom” is derived from the family loom that was passed down from generation to generation. According to Eric Broudy’s “The Book of Looms: A History of the Handloom from Ancient Times to the Present,” in Indian belief, the weft shows the stages of an individual’s life, and the warp shows eternal existence.

These days the handloom signifies textile products obtained though the loom. The fruits of the loom range from hand woven products such as saris, bed sheets, fabrics, carpets & rugs, shawls, linen & mats, etc. With the Indian textile history dating since the Indus Valley civilization, people from all over the world still admire the talent, work, and the diversity in the beauty, texture and durability of the Indian hand-woven products from different states of the country.

Matching the other handicraft handloom work from other places, Rajasthan also possesses its entrants for the honor. The Jaipuri handloom products such as tie and dye, Bagru & Sanganeri block printing by hand, hand-woven carpets and rugs are worth mentioning. As India’s largest cottage industry, the ancient traditions are embedded deep within hand weaving and coloring or dyeing techniques used till today. Inspite of the advent of machines and their incorporations in various processes of textile production, the hand-made produce still holds its value ahead than the machine made. The block printing originally belongs to Bagru and Sanganer areas of Jaipur. Initially, it was done by using vegetable dyes. Nowadays chemical dyes have overcome these.

Pristine yet exciting colors applied in Rajasthan’s handmade tie and dye or bandhani prints are loved by all. The elegant looking bandhani saris are superiorly considered. It still has the monopoly of the most sought after attire but the women of fashion and traditions both. Providing variety to the eyes, colorful and intricate looking wooden block printing is done on various textiles. Richly hued figures of birds, animals, gods and goddesses, human figures are very popular on pillow covers, scarves, etc.

An impressively done handicraft artwork named ‘Applique’ is done through sewing one fabric onto another. It is later decorated with glass pieces, wooden or ceramic beads, metallic pieces, etc. Beautifully made lampshades, bed sheets, and wall hangings are prepared with applique work named gota and kinari. Gota and Kinari are golden and silver colored pieces that are applied to lace down a piece of fabric.

Another wonderful art form for the home decors is carpets and rugs woven in and around Jaipur. Comfortable and lovely handmade woolen carpets and rugs are woven by artisans with delightful Persian motifs and decorations. Jaipur is proudly known as one of the important seats for carpet weaving around the world. It is a place where both contemporary and traditional rugs can be acquired, woven with either wool or silk, or both. A favorite among masses, hand tufted rugs are also offered to people with excellent quality and durability. Hand knotted rugs are also a specialty on this place with which its name soars high in the carpet industry worldwide.

All such eco-friendly yet most-sought-after marvels are available in the Jaipur market named Nehru Bazaar. Apart from that, many private shopkeepers and dealers too, provide such bonanza at pocket-friendly prices



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