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Thanks to the ever-increasing demand of Indian handicraft articles in major economies like the US, UK and other European regions that they pose welcoming with open hands for consistent Indian exports. According to economictimes.com, India’s handicraft export sales are consistently raising their reputation with a growth of about two percent during 2009-2010 to USD 1.83 billion. As compared to 2008-2009, the export figures closed at USD 1.79 billion, sourced from Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts (EPCH).
Jaipur is a great place for a tourist to land in and experience shopping, especially handicrafts that are renowned worldwide. Its handicraft items such as imitation jewellery saw a growth of about 12 percent. It was followed by wooden handicrafts at 10 percent, croteched and embroidered merchandise at 1.39 percent and zari goods at 0.91 percent. Under the similar influence, Jaipurhandicrafts.net targets to contribute towards this figure growth of handicraft export sales that actually reflect the development of the Indian economy and employment opportunities of the Indian rural masses.

With keeping the foreign market to be reached to a greater extent, Mr. Raj Malhotra, EPCH Chairman said in an interview, “There is an increase in demand in the western markets like the US and Europe. Stores in these markets are giving good response as their inventories got over”. There was more to it when Jaipur was recorded as a major handicraft supplier hub among others catering to the world sell. It is expected from Jaipur’s handcrafted items to add to 70 percent of the country’s handicraft exports to the US and EU.

Delightful predictions by the EPCH Executive Director Mr. Rakesh Kumar depicted assured hopeful exporters. He said, "In the current fiscal, the EPCH expects export growth of about 10 per cent. Besides focusing on the US and European markets, we are exploring new markets in countries like Latin America, the Middle East, South East, Far East, Africa and CIS countries".

Such voluntary backing up for the home production of handicrafts from Jaipur could help in facing the fierce competition in the current fiscal year promising persistent growth. As per EPCH records, after October 2008, the September 2009 export figures were positive that showed a difference of 160 percent of growth.


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