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How would you feel when your pocket becomes yielding, most of the days out of 365 days in a year? The majority of the answers collected have always been yes because of the number of handicraft demands being catered to that level to international state-of-the-art standards along with popularly priced.

Jaipurhandicraft.net is all about the varied kinds of handicraft products made in India that always tell a tale of their places of origin and culture embedded within their details. The Indian handicraft products are made from materials, which range from jute, wool, cotton, terracotta, ceramic and lot more for making of products that come for everyday usage as domestic articles as well as display items.

Exquisite and meticulously crafted items that eventually describe the initial years of human civilizations still persist and are favored almost around the world. To buy such magnificent Indian handmade art forms that could very well stand the test of time accompanied with quality and grace, for your decors, below are the international handicraft events for the future.

1. Thessaloniki International Fair (11-19 September, 2010), Thessaloniki, Greece

2. International Autumn Fair (5-8 September, 2010), Birmigham, UK

3. Budapest International Trade Fairs (8-12 September, 2010), Budapest, Hungary

4. Living in Style (9-11 September, 2010), Bangkok, Thailand

5. Intergift (8-12 September, 2010), Madrid, Spain

6. Asia’s Fashion Jewelry & Accessories Show (14-17 September, 2010), Hong Kong

7. Asian Gifts Premium & Household Products Show (20-23 October, 2010), Hong Kong

8. Fira Commerciale De Casablanca (5-15 November, 2010), Casablanca, Morroco

9. Import Shop Berlin (10-14 November, 2010), Berlin, Germany

10. Heim + Handwork (24-28 November, 2010), Munich, Germany

11. AFL Artigiano un Fiera (4-12 December,2010), Milan, Italy

12. International Handicrafts Fair-EXPOARTESANIA (7-20 December,2010), Bogota, Colombia

13. Pret-E-Porter (January, 2010), Paris, France

14. IIM Cologne Show (18-23 January,2011), Cologne, Germany

15. Macef (January,2011), Milan, Italy

16. Atlanta Gifts & Home Furnishings Market (January,2011), Atlanta, USA

17. Magic (January,2011), Las Vegas, USA

18. Decoration & Design (February,2011), Sydney, Australia

19. International Spring Fair (February,2011), Birmingham, UK
20. ASD / AMD Las Vegas Show (February,2011), Las Vegas, USA

21. Cairo international Fair (March,2011 ), Cairo, Egypt

22. International Home & Houseware Show (March,2011), Chicago, USA

23. Gifts Expo (March,2011), Moscow, Russia


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