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As India was crowned its independence, all states were unanimously voted to be integrated as one nation. For this, the various Rajput princes were forced to merge their princely states as one nation that woke up at the stroke of the midnight on August 15th, 1947. Nevertheless, the newly formed Indian republic permitted the royalty to retain their titles to their forts, palaces, jewels, palaces, and other lavish possessions. Nevertheless, the government did take over much of their wealth and land.

The feudal powers of the Rajput princes were yanked off. Many of them turned as luxury hotel owners leading and changed their palaces as tourist places. Apart from the wealthy maharajas, the smaller ones turned as recluses or paupers.

Rajasthan, with its beautiful and scenic landscapes have always been the land of heritage blended with gallantry. The legacies created by the erstwhile maharajas of the Rajputana, the trading Marwari community have been the matter of pride far well known. One of the attractive specimens of Rajasthani art, the painted havelis (estates with internal courtyards) of Shekhawati have vivid reflections of the European influence of that time.

Not just the urban locales but infact, the roots of various myriad ethnic craftworks also come from the vibrant seminomadic tribes such as Meenas, Bhils, Sahrias, and Garasias. Their lively folklife with a rich canvas of folklore include arts like leatherware, puppetry, textiles, and miniature painting. Ceramic handicrafts of Rajasthan are considered as among the various exquisite artworks around the world.

Delightful yet delicate, Jaipur ceramic handicrafts consist of ceramic bowls, crafts, crockery, ceramic cups, and flower vase. In addition, exquisite ceramic jars, ceramic kitchen set, pottery, and ceramic flowerpots are offered that are decorated with lively colors and designs.

Ceramic or a type of porcelain was invented in China as an important contribution to the world culture. During the 17th century, under the patronage of the Shang dynasty, the ceramic wares were developed. These were highly prized by the royalty as well as the aristocracy. As the Chinese found the favorable characteristics of the specific clay, used in making handcrafted ceramic articles easy to be practiced, it was started to be used extensively as an important substance for kitchenware, decoration wares and sanitary.

Ceramic has properties such as low permeability, hardness, elasticity, considerable toughness, glassiness, translucence, whiteness, brittleness and resonance. Apart from being a good resistor of electricity and thermal shock, ceramic wares also provide a fine surface loved by colors and patterns.

Beautiful ceramic handcrafted frames and jewelry boxes adorned with meticulous miniature painting can be seen favored by women, irrespective of culture and country. Indian miniature paintings are equally cherished and popular that sport retro as well as modern murals and decorations. For instance, designs of telephones, mobiles, antique cars, etc.

Original ceramic handcrafted tiles, closer to the Chinese fashion have also been prevalent in the Indian handicraft business. Colored with the pictures of the pantheon of Indian gods or saints, such tiles are commonly seen in homes, temples, shrines, and even around official buildings. Talking about antique ceramic handicraft, antique ceramic candlebras, ceramic dolls, statues, lamps come as a spontaneous pick by people.

Modern ceramic handicrafts come very well as ceramic rings, ceramic tea sets, oil lamps, etc. According to the Chinese culture, they used to present ceramic ware to their near and dear ones on occasions. Even today, all over the world, various promotional ceramic handicrafts are presented to delegates and beneficiaries in the corporate realm.

Jaipur markets hold a vast assortment of durable and quality ceramic handicraft products that are available at various shops and handicraft emporiums.



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