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India is a vibrant country, culturally rich with an unparallel heritage of its own. Its produce including spices, food, handicrafts, etc., attract millions and mesmerise connoisseurs of lifestyle living options. Handicrafts from all regions of the country pose as wonderful souvenirs, highly valued by people all over the world.

Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan is a paradise for handicraft shopping lovers. You can find this title awarded to the city on almost all touring websites, traveling guides, blogs, shopping portals, and online catalogs. Called as the Treasure Trove of India, one can never be found empty handed!

Similar to other art forms in the world, the various Indian handcrafted articles originated centuries before. Because India is a unique amalgamation of various cultures & faiths, every member of the diversity pool contributed its part in enriching the culture as one, from time to time. Inspite of such an early introduction in the human civilization and them being displaced by newer, better and improvised forms of items, handicrafts are still preferred.

The reasons behind this inevitable affection of masses towards Indian handicrafts are as follows:

They represent the true rich traditions & culture to which they belong and help in their conservation.
Economically, the handicraft industry is a profitable medium for development as it generates more employment opportunities.

Rajasthan is a colorful state that is branded as a true tourism treat for travelers from within and abroad. Be it the oceanic-blue colored city, Jodhpur or the candy-floss fuchsia painted Jaipur, its every city holds something very special and intriguing for a Marco Polo of that generation. However, Jaipur holds the greatest importance being the capital city of Rajasthan. It also houses the most number of handicraft units that are responsible to produce distinctly pretty and ethnic extravaganza for buyers.

The various congested bylanes of Jaipur exhibit the most of the handicraft items to its credit. For example, the bandhej or tie-and-dye prints on textiles, famous camel leather flatwears known as mojaris and jutis are abundantly seen showcased delightfully.

At such pocket-friendly prices, one can get hold of the beauty, quality and durability with handicraft articles such as blue ceramic pottery, wooden carvings and statues, handmade paper products, golden jewelry with enamel work as meenakari and the list goes on. Such handicraft items such as hand-knotted carpets and rugs are also woven in Jaipur are celebrated in other countries where they are exported in huge demands.

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